Wednesday, March 4, 2009

slumdog or the wonderdog...:) 2nd post.. :)

slumdog millionare-jus' loved this movie..

It formed the center of many controversies for depicting India in poor light.

Maybe thats one of its wonders.Cos the love that ran through the entire movie was so untouched by wealth or other pleasures, that the basic essence of the warmth in India was felt throughout.

 In fact , all i felt through the movie was,that money was the last thing on the minds of the maincharacters.It was just the 'love' and 'destiny'.Danny Boyle has brought out the emotions so beautifully..

 The hope and enthu in the Indian homes and streets, just before Jamal's final question was something i think many could identify with.Made me feel one among them.

How many poor people have raised their voice against this movie???i dont think many. But the ones worried about the image of our country surely have..                                                                      How many have visited Dharavi.Man,it could give the IIM's a run for their money,on how to conduct a business.:)

And the initial reels on the kids running to the Chawl through the nukkads was just a plain pleasure.Would the pleasure on the Children's face have been more if it wasnt in the Asia's largest slum,but some majestic mall..

Money and status puts a limit on our conduct...the more we are attached to it,the less can we enjoy life.

 Maybe the best lines in the whole of the movie were when Jamal says'Do you believe it,I dont' and when Latika on being asked the answer just laughs and says'I dont know,I have never Known'.  Not a bit of resentment for not knowing the answer for the 20 million Rs. question,and people say Indians are shown as poor..

By the way who is "poor"???A person who has lots of funds and still strives to earn more,or who has enough to be happy.

"Poor" is a term defined by the monetary balance one has or the bundle of joys within a person...

Maybe definitions HAVE to be changed ;)

 And ya,, the enhancer and the soul of the movie-Rahman's music, was like the silken embroidery on the muslin cloth...                                                                                                            just so smooth and in sync.:)way to go..


This movie was one which made me again remember why i love India so much..

Its not that India is the only country with all the poverty,but maybe it is one of the few that doesnt actually hide it..

cos wen money is not not everything, then whats the purpose of faking it up. Wen emotions and love is everything, then what the point in being stingy with it..

I just love my India and its wonderful people and culture and am proud of being one of them...  Jai ho.....:)


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the very begining....

atlast,i did make a foray into this lovely blog world :).

most of the time am so much involved and happy reading articles written by others that i actually never felt like writing anything on my own...

But today seems an exceptional day,when i have this sudden urge to start writing...

maybe its just the after effects of me writing my 'about me' in orkut;).

i do hope there are many more posts from me, for which i get feedbacks,hopefully good one!!!

cheers....hav a gr8 day ahead...:D